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Thread: touchpad registered as mouse (shortcut fix)?

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    touchpad registered as mouse (shortcut fix)?

    So, it appears my touchpad is registered as a mouse. This seems to be a thing, since the Ubunti wiki recommends filing a bug report:
    But apparently there's a bug in my bug-report app, because it keeps telling me my bug is a display issue, regardless of the category I try to select.
    At any rate, I'm not especially disappointed in the current touchpad behavior; I just want to be able to disable it while typing. So I'm wondering is there's a quick method to port that functionality from the touchpad settings to the settings for this device so I don't have to wait for a bug fix.

    And I've also attached the recommended output for a bug report here, if anyone cares to look at that (my computer is a Jumper EZpad 6 Pro; the sticker has mostly rubbed off, so can't report that model)
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