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Thread: Ubuntu 18.04 desktop screen does not fit monitor

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    Post Ubuntu 18.04 desktop screen does not fit monitor


    I'm really stuck with this issue, I've searched online and tried various suggestions, but none worked, or even made the problem worse (e.g. login loops).

    Unfortunately the attached screenshot doesn't show the problem clearly, but the desktop on ubuntu 18.04 is slightly stretched on the screen and the edges don't fit, e.g. "Activities" on the top-left corner shows as "ctivities", where the "A" is off the screen, the opera web browser symbol on the bottom-left corner is half off the screen, the "Show Application" button on the bottom-right corner is half off the screen etc.

    The positioning of my monitor is centered at 50-50, therefore this is ruled out and the only available resolution from the settings is 1024 x 768

    Does anyone know how to fix this?

    Many thanks!
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    Re: Ubuntu 18.04 desktop screen does not fit monitor

    Oh I had this exact problem maybe 10 years ago, well maybe not the exact problem, but it was presenting in the same way. Screenshots looked perfect but the reality was different, it wasn't displaying right on the monitor. At the time I was able to fix it through in-built hardware settings for the screen, there was a little wheel and the image went from looking like it was obscured by the plastic sides of the monitor to coming back onto the screen. I suppose that is no help at all. I suppose with this being 2020 there is no chance that there are little knobs or buttons on your monitor that allow you to move the screen image around / stretch / squish it? They might be hidden in the name of sleek design, or completely gone for the same reason. Anyway, have a bump.

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    Re: Ubuntu 18.04 desktop screen does not fit monitor

    The screenshot looks ok, it means that the problem is between the video card and the monitor. Such things usually happen when using analogue VGA cable and can be corrected by zooming and aligning the picture in monitor settings. Apart from tinkering with refresh rate there is very little you can do on the OS side.


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