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Thread: Light distro for VM to access work VPN and RDP?

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    Light distro for VM to access work VPN and RDP?

    Ahead of Lockdown my company sent us details of the company vpn and RDP and I set them up without any problems on my win10 machine.

    The problem is that while I'm connected to the vpn and RDP I can't access the rest of my home PC, so I end up flicking between the 2 which is annoying.

    I was wondering whether I could set up a vm - virtual ox seems popular - on my win10 pc with a lightweight Linux distro - say Lubuntu - and use it purely for accessing the work VPN and RDP, in a window, on my pc, with work traffic going through the vpn, and all other traffic going through my home Internet connection.

    Would lubuntu be a good choice or would people recommend something else? Ideally it'd be as lightweight as possible, and I'd write a script to have it connect automatically on starting the VM.

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    Re: Light distro for VM to access work VPN and RDP?

    You could go even lighter than lubuntu by using the minimum install CD version which will give you a text based ubuntu system to which you could ass just a window-manager, eg openbox or similar along with whatever other applications you need.

    I still have to work out how to copy and paste on Android so you'll have to search for that version to download, I'm sure you'll find it.
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