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Thread: Ubuntu Studio restarts instead of shutting down

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    Ubuntu Studio restarts instead of shutting down

    Hello -
    I just installed Ubuntu Studio 20.04 on a HP ZBook15 on Sunday. The OS seems to be working fine except when I go to shut down. The system shuts down but within 10 seconds, (probably more like 5 seconds), it re-starts. I've been using the power button to shut down but I'd rather not do that.
    I read some answers on another forum which suggest using terminal commands to shut the computer down and they all act the same way -- computer shuts down for a few seconds, then powers up again.
    I'd appreciate suggestions to help me with this problem.


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    Re: Ubuntu Studio restarts instead of shutting down

    I had a similar problem but on Linux Mint. The solution was to use an older kernel. As you've just installed the OS you may only have the one kernel. You can type dpkg --list | grep linux-image into the terminal to see what kernels you have installed.

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