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Thread: Input/Output Error [Errno 5]

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    Input/Output Error [Errno 5]

    Hi everyone, Im getting this error trying to install Ubuntu.

    It tried the following without any luck:
    Ubuntu 20.04
    Ubuntu 19,04
    Pop-OS 20.04
    Tried having the VDI disk on an SSD and a regular disk
    Disabled Hyper-V from Windows functions
    Dynamic and fixed sizes for virtual drives

    I have a 9700K, 16Gb Ram and an AUS motherboard. I have activated virtualization in bios.

    Anyone have an idea what can couse this? Uses VM Ubuntu on my old 6700K without any issues.

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    Re: Input/Output Error [Errno 5]

    What is the host node OS?
    what is the virtualization software you are using?

    It's possible a HW issue, try to remove the number of components connected to the VM, like soundcard, webcam, etc...

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    Re: Input/Output Error [Errno 5]

    I'm getting the same error
    Windows 64bit host
    Virtualbox 6.1.8
    Ubuntu 20.04 desktop amd64
    md5 hash validated
    Same ISO worked well on Hyper-V

    Anyone having this problem have a solution? I had Hyper-V installed previously and I've uninstalled it without luck

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    Re: Input/Output Error [Errno 5]

    I uninstalled VirtualBox 6.1.8, and installed Virtualbox 6.1.10 and had a smooth install and OS was running fine for 3+ hours without crashing or having any issues.


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