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Thread: Samba - required `net ads join` on ubuntu-20

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    Question Samba - required `net ads join` on ubuntu-20


    I have posted this question also on stack-exchange but wasn't able to completely solve it there- so I am trying my luck here.

    I have been using ubuntu 18.04 with sssd to join my servers to my active directory domain for a while now.
    This worked quite nicely, enabling me to ssh to the servers with AD users and create samba shares with AD authentication as well.
    What I usually do is set all the configuration files (krb5, sssd, smb.conf) and use realm join to join the server to the domain.

    with Ubuntu 20 I followed my same procedure to join the server to the domain. However I encountered an error with my smb.conf file- the smbd service wouldn't start as long as I had the setting security = ads enabled.
    In order to make it work I had to run net ads join command (this is after I already ran realm join)- only then did the smbd service agree to start with security = ads setting enabled.

    What has changed between Ubuntu-18 and Ubuntu-20?
    Is there a problem using net ads and sssd at the same time?
    Can I make samba work again with only sssd?

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    Re: Samba - required `net ads join` on ubuntu-20

    Hey did you ever solve this? I am needing to setup and as authenticated file share and would love to know if you did. Or how you did in earlier releases.

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