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Thread: ET-2600 won't scan with Ubuntu

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    ET-2600 won't scan with Ubuntu

    I have a problem with the scann function of my favorite EcoTank printer.
    Isn't the Epson ET-2600 still supported by Ubuntu 16.04?
    It's an extreme useful, easily refilled device. It always worked with this Ubuntu -- Now suddenly it won't scan.
    I would miss this extremely economic printer!
    Would you recommend me a mono scanner, like Canon Lide was?

    xsane 0.999 says ----- ET-2600_series:
    Error during save: Could not create secure file (maybe a link does exist): /home/scann0082.jpg
    What does this mean? I'm not native English...

    Installed the latest drivers.
    Epson support won't help.
    Thank you everybody.

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    Re: ET-2600 won't scan with Ubuntu

    Hello everybody.
    Finally I got help when purchased the vuescan universal scanner driving tool from hamrickdotcom in Florida. The rest was easy. The 'vuescan' app for Ubuntu is working for the epson ET-2600 scanning unit.

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    Re: ET-2600 won't scan with Ubuntu

    Hello ,
    you can find the printer&scanner driver for Ubuntu 16.04 here @Epson

    Linux Drivers @ Epson Center

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    Re: ET-2600 won't scan with Ubuntu

    VueScan is excellent. The error message meant that the jpeg image could not be saved. I had a somewhat similar problem with the gscan2pdf app, it would scan but wouldn't save. Log out and log back in and it would then save. I think the problem was a bug in python or something like that. The latest version of gscan2pdf in 20.04 seems to work as expected.

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