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Thread: Wierd Graphics bug in Ubuntu/Linux

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    Exclamation Wierd Graphics bug in Ubuntu/Linux


    I'm hoping someone can help me, been a Linux user for several years now and don't consider myself a complete n00b. Usually I can fix anything Linux throws at me, but this is harder.

    The issue I'm having is that games 1. Stutter 2. Freeze 3. The in-game mouse freezes or "drags" itself along the screen while you try to move it (In-video: At around 1min 30 secs I where constantly moving around the mouse). It makes gaming intolerable, I frequently like to watch or listen to something in the background while gaming.

    The issue does only show up after I opened up a web browser, I use Waterfox, firefox and on occasion the Steam in-game browser. If I reboot the pc, then the problem goes away, but reappears directly after I've opened up the browser. The problem didn't show up earlier either when I where running a GTX 1060 6GB card. But only after I've upgraded to RTX 5700 XT. I run on Ubuntu the mesa-utils-extra, mesa-va-drivers, mesa-vdpau-drivers, mesa-vulkan-drivers packages and run Proton games. Except for OpenRA (which also suffers from same issue) I mainly run only steam games.Currently I'm running the newest up-to-date Ubuntu 20.04, but I'm also a frequent distro hopper and the same issue has been on all other distros I've trie3d, such has Manjaro gnome, Feren OS based on ubuntu 18.04 etc. I'm Running a Ryzen 7 1700 with 32gb of ram.

    Made a video which I hope will show the problem:
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    Re: Wierd Graphics bug in Ubuntu/Linux

    Sorry for the jumbled mess, the text refused to format properly, even after writing it in html and telling it to format to a more readable form..
    EDIT: Nvm, fixed it, had to use a less privacy concious browser. So my first post should be readable
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