I worked in my machine today, nothing special, not even one terminal command but few running of node and python scripts I worked on. Then out of the blue the screen got frozen, not responding at all to any action of mine (my music kept playing on the background somehow), so I shut down the computer and tried to reload, grub was loaded normally, but when it was time to fire up Ubuntu it got stuck on my PC logo. Tried again to open Ubuntu this time with nomodeset flag but no luck. Also tried the recovery mode and, some line was printed and it got stuck on the line "(uninitialized): registered PHC clock".
(The computer has dual boot with window 10 as well [i5-9400F, 16Gb RAM, 2TB Hd, GeForce GT 710]) I opened window, download Ubuntu 18.04 desktop version from the official website, used Rufus to make a live usb and gave it a try. I got into grub again and choose the Try Ubuntu option and once again it got stuck on my PC logo.
I don't know what else to try.
Appreciate any kind of help.