I am running Ubuntu 19.10 on Wayland in a laptop with no other OS. I have been an Ubuntu user since 6.06 and have regularly upgraded my systems over the years. I have had my present laptop since Ubuntu 18.04 and have upgraded it to 18.10 - 19.04 - 19.10 without problems, but the upgrade to 20.04 failed and broke my OS. I ugraded using my usual method, that is accepting the offer to upgrade from the pop-up. After downloading the files the upgrade started installing but after 10-15 minutes a white screen appeared with the message (in German I translate here):"An error has occurred during the installation. Please contact your administrator"

I don't feel the message to be very helpful, like many Ubuntu users, I am my own administrator, and I have no idea what could have gone wrong because I was offered no information about that.

Fortunately I always do a full Clonezilla backup before upgrading, but this is the first time I've had to use it to restore. My faith in humanity has been restored along with my 19.10 installation. Thank you Clonezilla!

Does anyone have any idea of what might have gone wrong? Has anyone else had problems with the upgrade?