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Thread: GCompris Loads Perfectly Then Crashes Hard

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    GCompris Loads Perfectly Then Crashes Hard

    I have eMac G4 1.25 RADEON 9200 and I have actually used the GCompris suite on this hardware without issue recently.
    I decided to install edubuntu desktop this round. Ubuntu 14.04 PPC.
    I am hoping someone who has used the educational software could tell me what is wrong.
    Edubuntu installed several KDE games and such which are all working.
    Is this the problem, would GCompris work under a different DE or WM?
    I am not lazy and willing to help myself but I am running out of time.
    I am trying to deliver a working system to some kids by June.
    Cannot access memory at address 0xd3a6c08
    It crashes when I try to choose a game. There is alot of libgstreamer related stuff in ThreadStacktrace.
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