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Thread: Some ubuntu IRC channels no longer publish logs

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    Some ubuntu IRC channels no longer publish logs

    I do not normally linger on any of the various Ubuntu channels on IRC.
    Sometimes, it has been very useful to be able to go back in the IRC logs to find something, or see if a new issue has already been brought up in the last few days.

    It seems that many channels have not updated logs since March 14th. Does anyone know why?

    While the use of the IRC stuff seems to have dropped off, and it is not unusual for an inactive channel to drop off the daily list, they used to always get published upon the next hourly publication run, once there was activity.

    My specific example case is the #ubuntu-kernel channel, where I know there was activity yesterday.
    I also did a test message on the #ubuntu-doc channel, and waited until after the next hourly publication.


    At least the way things used to work, these links should exist, but instead they now return 404 - not found.

    EDIT: Found this: and have written to The ubuntulog bot is not in the rooms.
    Last edited by Doug S; May 6th, 2020 at 08:25 PM.
    Any follow-up information on your issue would be appreciated. Please have the courtesy to report back.


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