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Thread: Submitting an Application to Debian Mentors

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    Submitting an Application to Debian Mentors

    I've produced an application and I have turned it into a Debian style package - a .deb file. It was available on GetDeb when that was going and got downloaded a lot.

    I have since carefully satisfied all the Debian file requirements I can think of, signed up for Debian Mentors and hoped for a sponsor/mentor without success. Am I going about this the right way? I am wondering whether perhaps I am trying to get into Debian at a high level suitable for essential packages, when it may be possible to submit my rather less significant package where it might only get into Ubuntu at a lower level.

    I have also been assisting the author of another application which would otherwise only be available for Windows and macOS by providing a deb for it. He would like to do the same for his application, he says "Can we include it in the official release?". I would like to be able to give him some advice/help, but despite spending days reading Debian documentation to find out whether my approach is wrong, I haven't got any further, I find the links in the endless documentation just took me round in circles and eventually back to the first document.
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    Re: Submitting an Application to Debian Mentors

    Ubuntu is related to debian, but NOT debian. I’ve never used getdeb - never.

    The vast majority of people here are end-users. I’d guess perhaps 10 developers and nobody from Canonical are here.
    in my developer, but not packager, experience here, I’d expect that creating a PPA for each package would be the expected route to eventually become popular and become part of an official repo after a few years.

    A shorter way may be to create a snap package, Flatpak package and Appimage package. All three. There are negatives for these and the PPA method. Each as a community of users. Snaps mostly flow into Ubuntu. Flatpaks mostly into Fedora. When a snap doesn't work for my needs, i seek out an appimage, though they have flaws too.

    May take a look at the mkusb tool which is popular in these forums. I don't use it, but respect the creator and see very good reasons for it. Check the path it followed for ubuntu packaging.
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