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Thread: Ubutnu20.04 stucks in boot logo screen

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    Re: Ubutnu20.04 stucks in boot logo screen

    In layperson's terms 'nomodeset' disables graphics drivers and forces the system to fallback to a generic VESA mode.
    The reason to use it with Nvidia Graphics is that some newer models have poor or no support by the default, open-source an unofficial nouveau driver for Nvidia Graphics. This results in a black screen or wrong resolution and/or freezes and all sorts of issues with input devices. So, by using it we force the system to run in that generic VESA mode, often with wrong resolution, but that at least allows the desktop to load. Then we install the Nvidia drivers the usual way and after that 'nomodeset' is not to be used anymore.

    In your case you may need to update UEFI before anything else.

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    Re: Ubutnu20.04 stucks in boot logo screen

    Oh, I see.

    What I shold do is to update UEFI !
    I've never updated my UEFI before.

    I try to do tomorrow. I will report after doing this.

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