Hey everyone,

so due to the bad internet situation in Germany, i am forced to run 2 seperate ISPs, 2 seperate routers , 2 seperate NICs on my workstation.

Now I also have 2 seperate VPN connections to 2 different endpoints.

So naturally I want to split them to have "double" the bandwidth, and Isp 1 has better routing to location A and ISP 2 better routing to Location B, so it makes sense to split.

The easy way out would be using 2 seperate machines and synergy, but thats not cool, and thats what ive been doing so far. Thats why I am thinking if its possible to assign the virtual tun interface to run via NIC 1 or NIC2.


Now the first problem I found is that network manager creates the TUN virtual Nics on the fly.

Maybe, as the endpoint IPs are static I could do something with static routes.?

Destination IP X --> en0
Destination IP Y --> en6f0

I am using high res remote Desktop (HP RGS) to both locations at the same time and I am streaming video, so I really seeing the bandwidth being a bottleneck.
Virtual machines are not a option
I tried to bond the 2 WANs in a cisco router but performance was really bad.
Running Ubunu 18.04
Both WAN connections are arount 75Mbit/s Down 35Mbit/s Up

Thank you!