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Thread: Trying to uninstall update-notifier, I uninstalled update-manager

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    Trying to uninstall update-notifier, I uninstalled update-manager

    I had an update-notifier pop up (emerging window) as shown on the screen capture (Captura de pantalla). I don't know how it had been activated. Finding out how to disable it, I have got to and I have run in the terminal the order apt-get remove update-notifier. Incredibly, also the update-manager has been uninstalled, removed or whatever.
    My questions are:
    -Will my Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS update automatically from now on or not?
    -If not, how can I reinstall update-manager without update-notifier or at least disable its bothering pop ups?

    Incredibly, again has appeared the bothering pop up. Look at the 2nd screen capture (2020-04-30).

    Additional comments (not necessary for this thread, but I was angry)
    I hope that someone wil answer me, because I asked in another thread about Brasero, SimpleBurn Xfburn..., which didn't work to burn audio CDs, and nobody answered me. Finally I found it myself, watching the codecs needed for Brasero and installing them following terminal orders seen on web pages. But after I installed them, Brasero still didn't work, but Xfburn did. So, I uninstalled Brasero and I let Xfburn installed. Indeed, in most of my previous versions of Linux (all Fedora, until I got tired to update the OS so often and I knew about Ubuntu LTS) I used GnomeBaker instead of Brasero.
    This was a few weeks ago, because just a few days ago I found myself how to disable the keyring login on Chromium and Google Chrome. Probably the most specific and safest way is this: adding --password-store=basic after the line order for key shortcut (chromium-browser or google-chrome).
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