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Thread: 20.04 Freezes After Waking from Suspend

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    Question 20.04 Freezes After Waking from Suspend

    Hello Ubuntu Community,

    I have Xubuntu 20.04 on my laptop (Dell D830), and noticed that when I set XFCE to suspend the system when the lid closes (done with Power Manager) the system doesn't wake up properly. After opening the lid, the screen shows what the user is/was doing instead of the greeter. The mouse cursor moves, but none of the buttons work. The only way to fix this is to force reboot.

    If I set XFCE to lock the screen, manually suspend, and then open the lid later everything works fine.

    I've used Lightdm (of course, it's default), GDM (Gnome) and XDM (Xsession) display managers, and all of them exhibit the same behavior. I think this is an internal XFCE issue where the system fails to call the greeter to action when suspending (note the whole time the system is set to lock when sleeping, per Power Manager).

    Anyone know a good course of action? If there's any other info needed, I'm willing to provide it.
    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: 20.04 Freezes After Waking from Suspend

    I've got exactly the same problem. I didnt find anything in the logfiles. I checked kernel log, dmesg and Xorg and I didnt see anything suspicious. If anybody got ideas where to search or what to post in here, please tell me. I will try trigger the bug and update the post with logs.
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