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Thread: UNITY3D: crashes everytime

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    UNITY3D: crashes everytime

    I am a game developer, here is my problem: I installed manjaro. i learned how to work with manjaro in an intermediate level. installed unity. Unity doesn't work, crashes everytime I add a component or something. I reinstall it, install a lot of dependencies, install an older package, install it via pamac manager, and git clone manual method. still doesn't work. Ask unity support for help, they tell me that unity detects im in a virtual machine, but i am not. I decide to quit manjaro, after having reinstalled the SO 2 times, and install ubuntu to try. Same process, learn to use it, and then i install unity. The same thing happens. Im kinda desperate and don't know what else to do now...


    -Im running a dual boot, with windows and ubuntu now, i will probably stay in ubuntu, but had to install two different linux SO like 5 times... appart from being angry, i think i did it pretty clean with the partitions, so no residual file remain.
    -I have an msi laptop
    -I might have residual unity files in win10, but win 10 files are in another partition, totally independent....
    -I know it isn't a lot info, but i don't know where to extract more useful info, ask me what you need, and i will answer.

    Sorry for posting it here, i know this isn't a newbie problem, but i didn't found anywhere else to do it.

    Thank you for you patience.

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    Re: UNITY3D: crashes everytime

    Hi, welcome to the fora.

    You could try installing another Buntu than Ubuntu.
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    Re: UNITY3D: crashes everytime

    A few details that might help us help you would be what version and flavour of Ubuntu are you running and what variant / version of Unity. Also if you're starting Unity from the terminal it should output some kind of error message when crashing - knowing what message it gives would be helpful.


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