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Thread: I need help with virtual box

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    Unhappy I need help with virtual box

    I am trying to get this github project to work on my ubuntu. I am wanting a Windows 10 vm in virtualbox appear to be a legitimate machine to the applications in the vm.

    I am unable to open an application in the windows vm as the application is detecting the windows machine as a vm. Please help.

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    Re: I need help with virtual box

    Thread moved to Virtualisation for a more appropriate fit.


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    Re: I need help with virtual box

    Some specific Windows installation media do not allow for installation in virtual machines. Perhaps more precisely, doing so would violate the EULA and the installation would not pass the Genuine Windows test.

    Other media can be used to install in a VM so long as the disk has not been used to install on a different machine that still has the OS running on it.

    Still others will allow several installations on different machines, even VMs.

    Your case, however, does not appear to be either of the latter two cases.

    We will not allow any discussion with regard to how to avoid Microsoft's EULA.

    This thread will remain closed.
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