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Thread: Share with us your Focal installation/Upgrade Experience

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    Share with us your Focal installation/Upgrade Experience

    Focal Fossa was released April 23, 2020, so it's time for a new poll. Please tell us about your experience upgrading, or doing a fresh install of Focal.

    Keep in mind that this thread is only for your experience, if you are having problems, please create a thread in the support forums.

    The previous poll can be found here:
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    Re: Share with us your Focal installation/Upgrade Experience

    Fresh installs in two different computers, one 'whole drive' and one 'something else' alias manual partitioning alongside another Ubuntu flavour.

    Both installed systems work well, but I haven't tested any really advanced stuff yet (except persistent live using mkusb, which also works).

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    Re: Share with us your Focal installation/Upgrade Experience

    Ubuntu Budgie Win 10 EasyBCD dual boot was a breeze. (legacy Motherboard)
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    Re: Share with us your Focal installation/Upgrade Experience

    System Setup
    * KVM host 16.04
    * Desktop 20.04 install
    * ISO from NFS server
    * LVM backed KVM storage 10G
    * SPiCE display
    * Network Bridge
    * 1 vCPU
    * 2GB RAM
    * Using virt-manager on remote system to install and run this GuestVM.

    Press install on the default Ubuntu Desktop iso:
    * Took about a minute to see screen
    * 3:30 - ISO check finished
    * Adv Features - LVM2, no encryption.
    * Choose to upgrade and install drivers, media codecs during install
    * Full Gnome3 install (not minimal)
    * 10:40 done; Reboot; 11 min for a huge desktop install is nice!

    1st reboot
    * Screen is blank about 3min; give up.
    * forced a reboot to recover; No idea what happened to require that.

    2nd reboot:
    * Ubuntu logo displayed in about 10 sec;
    * login box around 50sec
    * desktop took about 15 sec from password entered

    Connected Nextcloud... don't know why
    Livepatch doesn't have a clear NO! option. interface is too minimal.

    Asked to install Updates at the end. Thought I’d already had those applied during the install? Nothing updated. Why show the screen?

    Annoying error popups every 5 min or so. No button to get more information about the error. dmesg has lots of apparmor messages.
    Top says:
       1721 tf        20   0 3754632 391748 103212 R  33.3  19.2   2:26.17 gnome-shell
    33% of the CPU and 20% of the RAM for just gnome-shell when nothing was going on. Scary.

    The LVM setup uses MBR partitioning on a clear field, wipe everything, install? Why not GPT? That is embarrassing in 2020.

    Then it was clear why I’m not a fan of Gnome. Wiped the install. Grabbing the Mate install.

    Overall, it was faster than expected, but gnome did lag a bit. 2G RAM is what i normally give to desktop VMs.

    20.04 Server install:
    * A little over 6 minutes to install (1st reboot)
    * Love the new installer. No surprises with storage or networking.
    * Surprised that snaps were installed for LXD and 2 core needs without any request. Those things must be removed without impacting functionality
    * install is using 2.1G of disk
    * RAM use is acceptable:
    $ free -h
                  total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
    Mem:          1.9Gi       133Mi       1.1Gi       0.0Ki       772Mi       1.7Gi
    Swap:            0B          0B          0B
    * Still need to remove pkgs, install our packages and get backups going
    * i didn't use ZFS, but was tempted
    * visudo isn't working on the server:
    visudo: /etc/sudoers: Permission denied
    Permissions are fine 440. All I’ve done was to purge nano. My userid is in the sudo group. sudoedit and other sudo commands are working, but not visudo. vim.basic is the symlinked editor Hummm.

    * the visudo issue was a stupid admin problem. $ sudo visudo is the command.
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    Re: Share with us your Focal installation/Upgrade Experience

    I don't want to start a big fight here. I'm just relaying some information.

    If you downloaded and installed ubuntu server 20.04 you may be thinking to yourself What The ****

    It turns out there are two isos you can download:

    ** The one that shows up when you search for it:

    ** And the one available only if you have the special decoder ring:

    The first one will install fun things like cloud-init and a bridge to an interocitor and the second one will install what used to be called the "alternative iso" and it's what you may be more familiar with if you use Ubuntu Server at home.
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    Re: Share with us your Focal installation/Upgrade Experience

    Installed Ubuntu 20.04 twice, on a USB HDD each time...the second time because the USB HDD fell to the floor, hit the floorboard and died (ouch!).

    Not a single problem...smooth sailing, and worked both times.

    I am doing it on a USB HDD because my main distro is Linux Mint 19.3 on this laptop.

    A small caveat - I tried to use the USB stick to "install alongside" on the laptop, but it said it couldn't write and dumped out. But the laptop is already dual booting with Linux Mint 19.3 and Windows 10, so I'm sure that requires more of a specific installation to account for that. So, until I figure out how to get Linux Mint, Ubuntu AND Windows 10 triple booting, I'll stick with the USB HDD for Ubuntu.

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    Re: Share with us your Focal installation/Upgrade Experience

    I did fresh installs on two machines at home: my router and my desktop PC. The router had no problems (other than one caused by my own stupidity ) and the desktop needed a minor workaround. Also updated a couple of VMs without much difficulty, which are working as expected.
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    Re: Share with us your Focal installation/Upgrade Experience

    So far I've avoided the Clean Install with yet another flawless upgrade. As usual I disabled the added PPA's before upgrading then adding them back one by one.
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    Re: Share with us your Focal installation/Upgrade Experience

    I've been running VMs of Xubuntu Focal for a long time now with no real problems, so now was the moment to add a full install on my laptop and desktop as dual boot with Xubuntu Bionic on both machines.

    I have only added it so far on the laptop and it has been absolutely brilliant so far. It takes me a while to set everything up as I normally have it, my Xubuntu settings being fairly majorly changed from the default look; I have for example a vertical panel on the left hand side of the screen stuffed full of launchers. It took me a while to figure out how to make that panel transparent as it's done differently in Xfce-4.14 compared to Xfce-4.12.
    You now have to choose to use a single colour background, click on the colour block icon, the on the + next to the colours, then move the alpha slider to the far left; not nearly as intuitive as it was.
    There are also some changes needed in the conky configuration files to get a transparent background, but both those are nothing to do with the Xubuntu OS itself which is again my # 1 OS..

    All good so far with no real difficulties that can not be dealt with quickly and easily.

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    Re: Share with us your Focal installation/Upgrade Experience

    This was my first time upgrading Ubuntu (18.04) desktop.

    I had to repeat it 3 times. On each attempt I had problems. On the third time, I finally managed to fix everything, but I am still testing it to see if everything is working properly.

    I am still waiting for the AMD GPU driver and my USB Wifi is working, but needs to be activated each time.

    At the end, I am glad that I did the upgrade!

    obs: the installation of Ubuntu 20.04 on my Raspberry Pi was so smooth... way better and faster than Raspbian.

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