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Thread: Please help restore access to pre-SSO forum account

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    Please help restore access to pre-SSO forum account


    This is my account to which I lost access after the transition to Ubuntu One SSO account: - As you can see I was moderately active 10+ years ago.

    When I attempted to log in after the SSO switchover a few years back I found myself in a different/new forum account from my original, and as you can see, my response was to shrug and never post again. I would like to change that

    According to my notes, both this account and my original are associated with the same email address. Not sure if that's possible. I know you may not get these requests as often as you used to. I appreciate any help I can get.

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Please help restore access to pre-SSO forum account

    Your login email was totally different.
    But you did show a similar additional email for MSN?

    If you PM me your old email I can change email if you like, from this account to that account & obsolete this account.
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