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Thread: PCManFM keeps freezing/crashing!

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    PCManFM keeps freezing/crashing!

    I upgraded to Lubuntu 18.04LTS from 16.04LTS a few months ago. On this new version, PCManFM keeps freezing about three or four times a day. I have to kill the process most of the time (sometimes it will close down on its own with an error message).
    It seems to happen when I try to open a folder. PCManFM never recovers on its own. I always have to restart. Sometimes it gets so bad my entire desktop manager is affected (no more icons on the screen) and I have to log out and log in again to reset the desktop manager.

    I'm not sure if it's the same problem as the one reported in these places, but seems similar:

    It's a pretty annoying error as this default file manager is a pretty big part of the Lubuntu daily experience. I am surprised it's not been fixed.
    I know I could upgrade to a non-LTS version, but I prefer the stability of LTS versions and my computer is old enough that I'm not sure it will run the latest Lubuntu (18.04 is the last current LTS that my PC still meets the requirements for).

    If anyone knows a solution it would be really appreciated!
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    Re: PCManFM keeps freezing/crashing!

    Quote Originally Posted by Brent_Santin View Post
    18.04 is the last current LTS that my PC still meets the requirements for.
    If this means that your computer is 32 bit you could consider a fresh install of Debian.
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