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Thread: Macbook 1.1 isight camera driver needed

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    Macbook 1.1 isight camera driver needed

    I just setup an old Macbook 1.1with a Core Duo. and can't get the i-sight camera to work. From searching forums, and doing a 'lsusb" I can see the problem is missing drivers. I found out which to get and how to install them, but can't find them anywhere. They can be extracted from MacOS Leopard or older, but I have Snow Leopard. Can anyone help me find the driver? I already tried a google search of course. Here is some info isight-firmware-tools


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    Re: Macbook 1.1 isight camera driver needed

    Hi, welcome to the fora.

    The two pages to which you linked are probably outdated. Please begin with posting the lsusb output in CODE tags.

    Which Buntu version are you running?
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    Re: Macbook 1.1 isight camera driver needed

    I'm installed Lububtu 18,04.4 32 bit. I gave the computer back to the senior citizan I'm trying to help through the crisis. He building is on total lock down and I won't be able to get the computer to do the printout until some time Saturday. However, the output says the USB driver is missing. This is a known issue. The problem is likely caused by Ubutnu being unable to add the driver to the distro because of copyright and the very small number of Macbooks involved. Latter Macbook's had firmware in the camera, so it is only an issue with a early Macbook's. The way it is fixed is by manually installing the driver after the install. I'll get the printout when I stop by tomorrow to fix a problem with her Teamviewer that is keeping me from logging on from home.


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