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Thread: VERY long time away. Congrats on 20.04!

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    VERY long time away. Congrats on 20.04!

    Hi all. Been away from Ubuntu for such a very long time. No particular reason other than I couldn't be bothered to remove whatever I was using at the time to give it another go. I think a lot of ant-Gnome stuff really took hold of things, and I ended up using things like Manjaro and Neon and Mint for some time.

    There seems to be some buzz about 20.04, so I decided to give the beta a go, and to my surprise it has blown my socks off. Look how far Ubuntu has come. I was one of those who never disliked Gnome 3 right from the start but it definitely needed a nudge into pretty and useful territory. But you could tell the foundation was there. Luckily for us it seems Ubuntu has come along to light the way.

    So, my beta install is going to be kept and I look forward to many years of use back with Ubuntu. Early congrats on what I think is going to be a fantastic release, and one that will prove popular with Linux users.

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    Re: VERY long time away. Congrats on 20.04!

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