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Thread: Lost communication with HOST NIC on KVM Setup 18.04.4

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    Lost communication with HOST NIC on KVM Setup 18.04.4


    Recently built a VM Host utilizing Ubuntu Server 18.0.4 LTS with multiple NIC’s.

    System was running well until recently when I started experiencing weird networking issues.

    For reasons unknown I can no longer reach the host via the IP / NIC interlace that I assigned to it.

    I CANNOT ping, ssh, etc… the host (onboard nic from the LAN

    I CAN access the internet from the host (onboard nic for example ping, download updates etc….

    I CAN access the VM’s running on the host from the LAN and the INTERNET with no problems.

    HOST was/is hanging on boot for 2 minutes with the message “A start job is running for wait for network to be configured”

    I now have disabled systemd-networkd-wait-online.service

    Here is a basic diagram of my network.

    pfSense 2.4.4
    tp-link switch TL-SG1016DE

        INTERNET  <——>  pfSense  <——> tp-link switch
                                                                         |          |
                                                                         |          |
                                                             192.168.1.x.   192.168.2.x
                                                                   /                     \
                                                                   /                        \
                                                           IoT / PC’s                     (1) onboard nic
                                                                                                (2) single port nic
                                                                                                (3) two port nic  <—VM Guest IP —>
                                                                                                                 <—VM Guest IP —>

    I believe this issues started after an update but I can not be sure as the majority of the time I am accessing the GUESTS and not the HOST.

    If I delete the ARP entry for on pfSense I can then ping or ssh to but this is only temporary and drops out again in a minute or less.

    However if I quickly ssh into and then start pinging out to say then the connection does not drop and I am able to accesses as normal.

    I am at a loss and hope that someone will be provide assistance.

    FYI I had disabled ipv6 but have since enabled.

    See attached file for system output and logs. Tried to include in post but received error.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Re: Lost communication with HOST NIC on KVM Setup 18.04.4

    i've almost the same problem om my virtual mashine's.
    sudo apt-get moo
    Ubuntu on a 50" 1920×1080


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