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Thread: Web Browsers & VLC Windows Transparent in Gnome 3 and Wayland after Recent Update

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    Web Browsers & VLC Windows Transparent in Gnome 3 and Wayland after Recent Update

    (UPDATED, see below)

    Hi all!,

    Yesterday, I'm pretty sure this was after an update, firefox and VLC windows started to appear completely transparent (see images). I can still hear sound coming from videos from VLC and key shortcuts work, so I guess they are running normally, but they are not rendering. Also, if I click on them when they are above another window (say, nautilus), that window takes focus. So they are transparent not only visually, but also to mouse interaction, but not to keyboard shortcuts.

    I have experimented a bit and this happens with any other web browser (Chromium and Opera), but not with Totem. It also does not happen with any other program I have tried (nautilus, transmission, configuration programs, video games). It also happens in Ubuntu Wayland, but not in Gnome Classic or the basic Ubuntu desktop. By the way, I received another update today (Ubuntu Base and some Mesa and graphics/desktop rendering stuff) and the problem persists.

    Another thing that may be relevant, I have Ubuntu 19.10 up to date, but I installed kernel 5.3.0-45-generic to have drivers for the Radeon 5700 XT right away.

    Thanks in advance!

    UPDATE: For some reason, I keep getting these files/programs to update every single day or two days (check third screenshot). They are always the same size. I update them, nothing changes.
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