I am trying to use a WACOM INTOS BT on Kubuntu 18.04.
Through usb the device is seen lsusb:
Bus 001 Device 006: ID 056a:0378 Wacom Co., Ltd

And xsetwacom --list devices returns:

Wacom Intuos BT M Pen stylus id: 12 type: STYLUS
Wacom Intuos BT M Pen eraser id: 13 type: ERASER
Wacom Intuos BT M Pen cursor id: 27 type: CURSOR
Wacom Intuos BT M Pad pad id: 28 type: PAD

But in system settings it shows a joystick and I cannot adjust anything.
I have 3 monitors connected and the stylus is super sensitive and it spans all three monitors when I just want it mapped to one.
It makes it really difficult to draw or sketch in krita or gimp because it is so sensitive.
I have tried to set the area of the stylus to be smaller.
But it has not helped at all change anything.
xsetwacom get "Wacom Intuos BT M Pen stylus" area
0 0 21600 13500

I change to
xsetwacom set "Wacom Intuos BT M Pen stylus" area 0 0 7200 13500

And nothing changes.

My top priority is to at least change the area so it at least I can sketch and write.
Right now 4cm area on the tablet maps to almost my entire screen.

When I connect through BT the system does see a BT device and connects but does not view the tablet as an input device.
Please any direction would be useful.