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Thread: Repair boot configuation

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    Repair boot configuation


    I bought a SSD card for my laptop where I installed Lubuntu 19.10 using a bootable USB. The installation process went fine (just followed the instructions on internet) but unforthunatly I couldn‘t see Lubuntu as an option on my BIOS menu. When trying to solve this proble I booted again to the USB and installed Gparted....That‘s were things got worse, when trying to solve the issue, I deleted the boot partition that was on my Primary Disk need to boot Windows 10..As a result I can‘t boot now neither my Windows or the installed Lubuntu on the SSD because I can‘t see both of them on the BIOS menu.

    I have read many posts and tried diffrent solutions but I still didn‘t manage to solve the problem. I‘m completely new to Ubuntu/Linux and thus having more issues understanding what to do. I have tried Boot-Repair but when launching the test I get an error saying that I need to creat a GPT boot partition first. I also tried under advanced options to repair the GRUB did not solve the problem (may be wrong options ?).
    The Windows partiton with all my data seems to be fine.
    I would be very grateful if you could help.
    Ideally I would like to get windows running again with my current data and have lubuntu running on the SSD card.

    P.S: wasn‘t sure which system information to include into my post.
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