Hi, I have checked if already posted, but not found any post on the matter.

A few days ago, while I was looking at some documents and photos inside a folder, to better see the preview, I chose the icon view and then with the Ctrl key pressed I turned the mouse wheel, to Increase / Decrease the size of the icons inside the folder (in order to better distinguish the details, especially of the photos, without opening them).
This operation, however, in addition to zooming in/on the icons in the folder, also changes the size and position of the icons on the desktop, sending some off-screen.
If I go back with the wheel, the icons of the desk, moving in sync with those inside the folder, return to their place.
The problem occurs only if I use the icon view;
If instead I use the list view, the icons inside the folder increase / decrease while maintaining the list view, but the Desktop icons are not affected and remain at their size and position previously established by me.
This is repetitive whether I open the home folder and the subfolders it contains, or whether I open any folder on the various data disks.
My desire is to use the zoom on the icons with the above procedure, (which is very quick when you have to choose from hundreds of photos), but not to change the situation of the icons on the desktop.
Does this happen to you?
Do you have any ideas how to solve, maybe setting something in dconf-editor or using other tool?