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Thread: Issue with second display/desktop

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    Issue with second display/desktop

    I have a similar issue, so I'll attempt to fill in some gaps. Ubuntu 18.04 on x64 (MSI GE72 laptop + Samsung 27" UHD screen)

    I have two screens of different sizes. My left screen is my laptop and the right a monitor on the desk, which has a larger resolution. When starting Ubuntu, the mouse cursor/ text box caret / applications / desktop icons can start hidden in the non-visible rectangle, which exists in above the laptop screen to the left of the monitor. There is no way to retrieve the icons or applications whose title bars appear in this gap. Furthermore in the cursor disappears into this gap, there is no user feedback via the UI to tell me where the cursor is.

    Its really really frustrating. Surely screen size variation would be considered during testing of a window manager. It appears to be seriously lacking in finesse. Additionally, there is no toolbar means of moving an application to the other screens as you can with icons.

    Sending icons to the right screen for me is a pretty disappointing result, as they're all clumsily sitting on top of one another on my 27" screen. Surely they can spread out a bit yeah. But if I drag them, they pop back into weird positions. Tried Ubuntu 16,18 and 19 but they each have the same behaviour. Settling now for 18.04.

    Anyone got some advice, how I can hint to the window manager where the visible space is? I can't even typically get the screens to align correctly using the two screen positioning. It looks right but doesn't work. Sliding the mouse from right screen to left, the mouse never seems to arrive at the correct place.

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    Re: Issue with second display/desktop

    Moved to its own thread from here.

    Please do not hijack the threads of other users. While symptoms may seem similar, underlying causes can be quite different. Furthermore, a thread where the community is trying to solve more than one issue becomes confusing for all.
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    Re: Issue with second display/desktop

    Is there a space in the layout in the display settings? Sometimes this seems to translate to an actual space but usually the monitors snap together.


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