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Thread: Why do I get a (Faceook) Tracking Warning when I visit

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    Question Why do I get a (Faceook) Tracking Warning when I visit


    When I visit:

    Firefox warns me about tracking:

    Am I the only one concerned that an Open Source support site is collaborating with the Commercial Company that is argueably the most insidious and pervasive offender and violator of our rights to personal privacy ?

    Someone please correct me if I am wrong, or try to explain to me why this is allowed, permitted and apparently condoned.


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    Re: Why do I get a (Faceook) Tracking Warning when I visit

    I don't get any warnings in firefox (74.0), but it could also be it's stopped by privacy.badger, or the 105 lines in my /etc/hosts file that route fb hosts to (along with a few other sites), or something else I've done.

    I suspect some users of the site would like facebook-thumbs-up. I don't want to see it, and thus I don't (which can be done in many ways).

    I am aware of younger audiences (and some my age) that expect it, and see it as a negative when it's not there (younger being relative; real young would want other sites possibly instead)

    If you don't like it, why not just make a quick change (like me), and it'll disappear.

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    Re: Why do I get a (Faceook) Tracking Warning when I visit

    Thread moved to Forum, Feedback and Help.

    Neither do I get warnings in Firefox, but that may be down to my use of ublock Origin. Or maybe not - I can't be bothered to check.

    I don't like Facebook, but guiverc makes a good point. There are members of this forum who do use Facebook. We cannot please everyone.
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    Re: Why do I get a (Faceook) Tracking Warning when I visit

    Thanks for the responses ...

    Yes, I blocked it - Firefox warned me - I took appropriate action.

    I suspect some users of the site would like facebook-thumbs-up.
    The 'thumbs-up option' is just a sneaky insidious way to force any 3rd party site to call code from and track user behaviour.

    It opens up tracking of behaviour even when you are not logged into Facebook.

    It's stealth privacy invasion.

    Facebook and Mark Zuckerborg are not offering:

    • "Here, have a thumbs-up."

    They are saying:

    • "Give me your personal data so we can sell it."

    It is one thing saying I can block it if I want to.


    That's like saying you have the right to hit me until I ask you to stop.

    Why is UbuntuForums aiding and abetting this abuse.

    That's my question.

    Facebook reportedly thinks there's no 'expectation of privacy

    May 31, 2019 - "There is no invasion of privacy at all, because there is no privacy," Facebook counsel Orin Snyder said during a pretrial hearing to dismiss a lawsuit stemming ...

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    Re: Why do I get a (Faceook) Tracking Warning when I visit

    You don't like what you see. Others don't like that there is not enough Facebook integration. We get it from both sides.

    I'm not sure that changing it would be within our bailiwick in any case. None of the Staff, including the Admins, are employees of of Canonical and we do not have any control over the development of the actual website programming. We have very limited control of a few things based on what is left to us by the vBulletin software.

    I don't personally care for "opt-out" arrangements or having to actively block things I don't want. Opt-in seems more appropriate to me. But I, like you, am one person with one opinion. The fact is that there are ad blockers and script blockers precisely because, like it or not, the web is that sort of place.

    We can stand on principal (if such we decide on), refuse to take part in it and let the Forums disappear; or we can hold our tongues, grit our teeth and make ourselves available to help other users.
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