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Thread: UGEE pen not working

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    UGEE pen not working

    I have a UGEE 1910B touchscreen monitor plugged into my desktop with another standard monitor. It's not been used for a while (probably 6 months-ish) and I never managed to get it to work smoothly with both monitors turned on, but with only one plugged in it worked fine and the pen was perfectly calibrated. However, now the pen doesn't appear to be working at all. I plugged it in to charge and got a blue light, the nib is still perfectly bouncy and not damaged, but it just won't turn on, or the monitor can't see it, I'm not quite sure which. I thought maybe there might be a button for recalibration but there doesn't appear to be anywhere? Anyone got any advice?

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    Re: UGEE pen not working

    Can you try the monitor with a different computer?


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