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    One of many

    Hi to all, I hope that this finds you safe and well. I am pretty new to Linux and haven't used it for a while. I am at college after a long absence and am trying to get the work done. I have installed Skywave Linux to my old Dell E6400. It seems to be ok but I probably need some help fine tuning it. I understand that Skywave is built upon Ubuntu so maybe I am in the right place. If not then maybe someone could point me in the right direction. I am trying to set up an online SDR. Any help AT ALL would be enormously appreciated. Thanks for having me as a member. Stay safe and well.

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    Re: One of many

    Thread moved to Ubuntu/Debian BASED
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    Re: One of many

    Have you taken a look at their site? It's a pretty non-standard OS built for a very specific purpose.


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