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Thread: Ubuntu recognizes only infrared camera

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    Ubuntu recognizes only infrared camera

    I'm new to Ubuntu and Linux, and I've just replaced Windows on a recent Dell laptop with Ubuntu. This has caused a camera problem.

    Apparently, Ubuntu is defaulting to what must be an infrared camera, instead of an ordinary camera, because when I go into Skype or some other program, my image looks as if I'm being viewed through a rifle scope at night.

    How can I get Ubuntu to use the right camera?

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    Re: Ubuntu recognizes only infrared camera

    can you show an example? turn your head if you don't want your face to be seen on the net. if you saved any old pics from when you really used infrared under Windows, one of those would be a nice comparison. i know what infrared really looks like. i just want to be sure this is just not some funny mode. what app are you using in Ubuntu? "cheese"?
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