I have a dual boot system with windows 10 and ubuntu 18.04.

I have booted into windows 10 and ubuntu 18.04 countless times in the past without problem.

I have used acronis true image - booted from usb - to image my entire system.

I have countless times booted an ubuntu live usb and used gparted to delete all partitions and then restored them by booting an acronis true image usb - without error.

I have images of my dual-boot system taken at different times in the past - all working in the past.

I have been doing this backup/restore procedure on all my systems without error... until now.

After restoring my system from ANY of my past images of my dual-boot system the grub boot menu appears but the ubuntu installation fails to boot and I get the "You are in emergency mode".

None of my images after restore gives me a bootable ubuntu installation - which booted in the past.


I did discover that there are two uuids in /etc/fstab - at the bottom - not system related - that are different from those listed in blkid.

Any idea what I may have done to change these uuids?

Is this the source of the boot error?

the uuids of the / and /boot and swap drives are the same.


Any information would be helpful.

How can I fix this problem without modifying /etc/fstab - I would have to fix each fstab in each image - not feasible.

Pleas share your wealth of knowledge.