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Thread: nvidia-304 won't install - addendum

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    nvidia-304 won't install - addendum

    (The original definitive post on this subject, originated by enigma9o7, is on
    page 23 or 24 of this forum,;
    it was closed Dec. 5, 2019).

    With the release of Bodhi-5.1.0 earlier this week, I proceeded with
    the nvidia-304 install on the 32-bit Legacy version, as I had done
    previously with Bodhi-5.0.0.

    The procedure failed, even though the very same kernel version 4.9 is
    used on 5.1.0 as on 5.0.0. The failure was characterized by a peculiar
    information message, "nvidia installer skips kernel preparation".
    ************************************************** ************************************
    Fortunately, the Bodhi 32-bit repository contain headers and images for the
    very newest version 4.15 kernels.
    With synaptic, I marked linux-headers-generic and linux-image-generic for
    installation, both version, which then included other headers,
    another image file, and some dependencies, for a total of 11 packages.
    After installation, and rebooting, the newest image becomes the default, so
    I followed enigma9o7's procedure as usual, including the patch.

    The nvidia installation completed successfully, with both sudo lshw -C video
    and sudo inxi -Gxx indicating that the nvidia driver was in effect.

    Len E.

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    Re: nvidia-304 won't install - addendum

    Bodhi-Linux moved to Ubuntu Debian Based.
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