Hello Ubuntu Forums,

Probably the report in the link below explains the situation much better than I could, but I tried adding a second ubuntu(ubuntu LTS 18)on my system, which already contained kubuntu 19 and windows 10. I tried resizing my kubuntu (logical volume? ) in order to add another partition for the new ubuntu, I tried doing this from an USB boot containing the ubuntu 18 message. After a few failed gparted commands together with lvremove & co, tried booting back to kubuntu 19, but could not get past bash console. Perhaps worth noting that I originally installed kubuntu 19 and created this logical volume scheme (bad idea), afterwards managed to resize the kubuntu partition and install windows10. After installing windows, I remember having to run a command from windows in order to recover my grub bootloader. Hope I provided enough information.

Log generated by boot-repair, when ran from the ubuntu18 USB:

Could you please help me save my system Also, If you could provide me with some instructions to resize the kubuntu partition so I could install the second ubuntu distribution, I would be extremely grateful.

Thank you very much!