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Thread: Booting Problems

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    Booting Problems


    I assume this isn't a Linux system problem per se, it's probably a hardware problem but I use Linux Zorin 12.4 which is based on Ubuntu 16.04 so I'm posting here. Yesterday when booting I got this message

    BusyBox v1.17.1 (Ubuntu 1:1.17.1-10ubuntu1) built-in shell (ash) Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands


    I followed the advice here, typed exit then fsck /dev/sda1 and then reboot and everything was fine, PC booted. Later initfram message during boot showed up again (it also showed up once a few months ago, this was the third time), I repeated the same procedure and everything was ok again.

    Today again I got a number of messages while booting, this time more then yesterday. I restarted the computer a few times and it's working now but I'm assuming this will happen again. What exactly is going on?

    And I apologize, some pictures are rotated, I don't know why that happened.

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    Re: Hardware Problems On Linux System

    This is what showed up today.
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