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Thread: Trouble with Wordpress install

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    Re: Trouble with Wordpress install

    The "do-release-upgrade" is only designed to upgrade the OS...has nothing to do with any custom apps/scripts. When I upgrade my server, I do so by building a new server from scratch (typically in a virtual environment) with the current OS and app versions. Once I get the base system working, I then copy the data over and get the new server running with the old data in such a way that it works perfectly. I then document the entire process and do it again to ensure my documentation was not missing anything. Once I am confident that I can get a new server setup and restore the data and get it working, I then do it for real. If on a physical box, that means a final backup of the data, then erase the disks and install the new OS and restore the data according to my tested and verified documentation.

    If the server is virtual, I simply create a new virtual and get it working, then swap the IP addresses and I'm done.

    I do not use virtualmin and thus not familiar with its quirks but I did find the Ubuntu-18-specific information regarding virtualmin:

    I install Wordpress manually since I have a separate dedicated database server/cluster and as such, the typical hold-your-hand installers like those in the repository or custom installer scripts tend to only handle situations with all services on the same machine...which is not ideal for production environments.


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    Re: Trouble with Wordpress install

    PHP is at major version 7, not 17. If I were you, I'd install server 18.04 from scratch, or perhaps 20.04 which is close to release in a few days.

    That's much easier than trying to diagnose why some combination of packages don't work correctly together.
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    Thank you LHammonds! You and SeijiSensei have been incredibly helpful! I have learned a lot thanks to both of you. I am going to take your advice and install from scratch.
    I am going to mark this thread as solved.
    Good luck to both of you and have a great day!
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