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Thread: AutoCAD replacement

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    AutoCAD replacement

    I am having trouble with this and have found most every other kind of software on the Ubuntu Software Center for video editing and other things.

    FreeCAD seems to not be working. I can see it open my .dwg but nothing seems to be accessible. LibreCAD can't even see my existing .dwg files.

    Is there anything else I can try? BrisCAD is way too expensive for a local handyman just trying to do projects at home.

    I have a disk for AutoCAD 2005 and even though its old it is what I used on Windows. Can I install and use this with Wine?
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    Re: AutoCAD replacement

    Hi this isn't a replacement as such but it is a viewer and converter that might be useful. As far as I know it is not in the Ubuntu repositories but can be downloaded from:

    You may also be interested in visiting this site: for a selection of possible solutions or alternatives.

    A fairly basic CAD program that is in the Ubuntu repositories is Dia but I suspect it is too basic for your needs.

    I'm not sure if Autocad would run in Wine and if it did, it might not be as smooth as it would be in Windows. The following website gives a few possible Linux Autocad alternatives: that might be worth investigating.

    Good luck.

    PS: you may get more response but putting your query in the 'General Help' category as Autocad is not strictly multi-media software and experts in computer aided design may miss your post if they are not interested in sound and video.
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    Re: AutoCAD replacement

    Older thread from 2014, not sure if still current or not.
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    Re: AutoCAD replacement

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