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Thread: Where to suggest improvemnts

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    Where to suggest improvemnts

    I know that ubuntu is a collection of programs and tweeks from upstream providers but where would be the correct place to post the following improvement?

    I have laptop with dual boot, ubuntu 18.04 and Windows 10.

    Everey time I switch between them I have to "restart" the session.
    So when I am doing a simulation in Quartus on ubuntu and need to open Altium on windows
    I have to reconfigure Quantus every time i log back onto ubuntu.

    My suggestion is, beside power off/suspend/restart it should be possible to do "suspend and restart".

    This would mean that when I leave windows and restart I either from the dual boot menu
    can start a new ubuntu session or start the suspended version.


    When logging into ubuntu I can choose to start a new version or restart the suspended session.


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    Re: Where to suggest improvemnts

    You may be able to contact the devs at:

    It looks like this wiki is your best bet:

    you can request new programs and features as well as report bugs on launchpad.

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    Re: Where to suggest improvemnts

    Thanks, I try the ubuntu-devel


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