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Thread: Use old PC as a firewall?

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    Use old PC as a firewall?


    I have a reoccurring problem with my ISPs router/modem. Some *bleep* keeps crashing it not sure what exactly they are doing as it does not have a firewall log.

    But I am a 100% sure that is the case.

    I have an older PC if I installed Ubuntu Server or other distro and connected everything to the internet via the Server so….

    ISP Router -> Ubuntu server -> My PC

    Would I be able to set up a firewall with the server to protect the router or is this not possible with a home setup? Or because the first point of entry is the router would server be behind the router?

    If it possible could i have some advice?

    Thank you!

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    Re: Use old PC as a firewall?

    Your assumption that this wouldn't work because the server is behind the router is correct.

    Recommended reading:

    Sorry that some *bleep* is hazing you.

    I'll leave this here in the case you ever thought about developing some investigation skills.


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