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Thread: Finding a functioning voice changer for Discord on Ubuntu (Kubuntu)?

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    Unhappy Finding a functioning voice changer for Discord on Ubuntu (Kubuntu)?

    I've been trying to find (or make) a voice changer for a project I have with some friends for a tabletop gameo ver Discord, which includes (for me) role-playing as a robot. Thing is, I can't find any real-time voice modifier/changer/modulator that works on Ubuntu (Or Kubuntu, the flavor I'm currently using), and can also be detected in Discord as a viable Input Device. Reading other forum posts, I've tried the following:

    • pyvoicechanger, which only works on pitch, and Discord can't detect.
    • Jack Rack, which Discord doesn't support at the moment (See this issue)
    • And finally, according to these two already asked questions (one and two, sox.

    The last one is the only one I haven't confirmed as "not working" since, according to the mentioned seconds post, it requires outputting the audio to a "null sink", which neither Chrome nor any other Ubuntu recorder/app detects.

    So, what I want to ask is: Is there an alternative to voice changer, being manual modulators using chorus, pitch, etc; or simple voice changers using defined settings ("robot", "giant", "helium voice", etc) that can work with different apps in Ubuntu (That is to say, Kubuntu)? (Or at least with Discord)
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