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Thread: How do I Burn 19hrs audio file to 25 CD's

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    How do I Burn 19hrs audio file to 25 CD's

    Good Morning, Afternoon and Evening 4 Today;

    I have a audio file that is 19+ hours straight,
    I would like to put this on CDís (ABOUT 25 of them) for a family member, that would like to listen in their vehicle.

    What is the best program (free) there is, in Ubuntu software land;

    I want to be able to pause and slice with keyboard strokes to get precise position.

    Tried that in Audacity but could only use my mouse, and I could not get it to a 'good stopping point'

    I download Audacity; Brasero and K3b, but not able to find a program that will enable me to have more control of the file, instead of using the mouse,

    Please help

    I am using Ubuntu 18.04 (I think)

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    Re: How do I Burn 19hrs audio file to 25 CD's

    Audacity has a "Silence Finder" that would be helpful to find split points. I use 2.5 seconds of "silence" for a label to be added. Then I use mkvmerge with the --split timecodes: .... option to create all the different files. The inputs are ogg audio, which can be output as opus with mkvmerge. mkvmerge deals with opus audio output and mkv containers only. Then the opus files can be batch converted to mp3 if you like.

    There was a hassle with the label timecode export. It generates seconds only, but mkvmerge needs hh:mm:ss.sss, so a little perl script to the rescue. I think audacity can directly split the files, but I didn't like how it wasn't batch. When creating hundreds of files, a batch mode is nice.

    I haven't created an audio CD ... er ... ever. But I do split 11 hr single file audiobooks into 15-45 min files which can be played back on any of my players. My car has a DVD that can playback mp3 files in order and an aux port for connecting a tablet or smart phone. Smartphones general can play ogg, opus, wav, mp3, aac and a few other formats, but it depends on the player used. Some of the built-in players are really stupid and want to force streaming over internet data, but there are local media players too.

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    Re: How do I Burn 19hrs audio file to 25 CD's

    And then there's mp3splt and it's graphical frontend mp3splt-gtk. It can split mp3, ogg and flac without re-encoding and back when I used it last it had an option to find long silences to use as split-points. According to 'apt search' it is in the repos.



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