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Thread: Failed Arduino install wrecked my desktop access - help

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    Failed Arduino install wrecked my desktop access - help

    Earlier tonight I downloaded Arduino 1.8.12, the Linux 64-bit version from [], for use with the Keyboardio Model 01 keyboard.

    It downloaded to my Desktop/Downloads folder. I then applied the commands described at:

    This is what I did, from my user home directory shell prompt:

        $ cd Desktop/Downloads
        $ tar xvf arduino-1.8.12-linux64.tar.xz
        (a long list of stuff opened and installed)    
        $ sudo mv arduino-1.8.12 /usr/local/arduino
        $ cd /usr/local/arduino
        $ sudo ./
    Suddenly I noticed that most of the icons in my top panel were now missing. Then I noticed that my desktop icons were all generic icons. So I re-booted. Upon re-boot, I get a blank screen in both my monitors. For one or two quick flashes, I can see my usual interface behind the blank screen (ssh window, browser, etc).

    Can anyone help me figure out WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!

    This is on Ubuntu-MATE 16.04. I had already successfully flashed the latest firmware onto my Keyboardio Model 01 the day before.

    I am writing now from a separate drive in my desktop workstation where I have the old Ubuntu 14.04 installed. From here I can open the 16.04 drive and I see that in /usr/local/arduino that the arduino components appear to have been installed.

    I can also see that a file named "Arduino IDE" is on my desktop, and that it's a "desktop configuration file," (application/x-desktop) but it will not open.

    Right now I have no direct normal graphical access to my entire 16.04 system, which is very scary. This sort of thing hasn't happened to me in quite awhile. ( I did just recently discover that MATE-16.04 is beyond its end-of-life support, but everything else on my MATE 16.04 has been working fine.)

    The script that's in my /usr/local/arduino is on pastebin here:

    Any tips or suggestions about what went wrong here greatly appreciated.
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