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Thread: MATE High DPI - Huge Icon on Notification Area

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    Question MATE High DPI - Huge Icon on Notification Area


    I recently got a new laptop with a 4K display, and have been working on setting up Ubuntu 19.10 with MATE. I must admit 4K on Ubuntu is still more of a pain than it should be, but I got most things working how I want them now.

    My MATE DPI setting is set to "HiDPI".

    However I just installed my Nextcloud sync client and it has added a gigantic icon to my notification area. The notification area appears to have a "minimum" icon size setting, but no maximum setting.

    Other icons are fine, so what can be done to fix this bug? Is this a NextCloud bug, or a MATE bug?

    Here is a screenshot showing the huge icon (and otherwise normal desktop experience):
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