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Thread: MATE High DPI - Huge Icon on Notification Area

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    Question MATE High DPI - Huge Icon on Notification Area


    I recently got a new laptop with a 4K display, and have been working on setting up Ubuntu 19.10 with MATE. I must admit 4K on Ubuntu is still more of a pain than it should be, but I got most things working how I want them now.

    My MATE DPI setting is set to "HiDPI".

    However I just installed my Nextcloud sync client and it has added a gigantic icon to my notification area. The notification area appears to have a "minimum" icon size setting, but no maximum setting.

    Other icons are fine, so what can be done to fix this bug? Is this a NextCloud bug, or a MATE bug?

    Here is a screenshot showing the huge icon (and otherwise normal desktop experience):
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    Re: MATE High DPI - Huge Icon on Notification Area

    @Kirk Schnable, I've reduced your over-sized images to links. Please be considerate of those with bandwidth restrictions or who are using mobile devices. There's no need to link to images on image hosting sites. Simply use the paperclip icon to upload and attach an image to the forum. That way clickable thumbnails are automatically created by the forum software.
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