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Thread: Mate High DPI - Chrome Scaling Issue

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    Question Mate High DPI - Chrome Scaling Issue


    As I just mentioned in another thread, I recently set up Ubuntu 19.10 MATE on my laptop with a 4K display. I am creating this thread to hopefully find a fix for a weird bug I'm running into surrounding Chrome and display scaling on MATE.

    My MATE DPI setting is set to "HiDPI".

    When opening Chrome, web page text looks normal, but text on tab titles and other interface text such as context menus \ the settings area are super small. If you actually open Chrome's settings though, the font there is normal.

    Changing the Font size settings in MATE Tweak has effect on other applications, but none of the fonts seem to effect this behavior in Chrome. It remains the same super small type.

    This issue applies to Chrome based browsers as well, I've tested Chromium and Brave.

    Screenshots of the issue:

    Is this a Chrome bug or a MATE bug? Or a setting I'm missing? Any guidance appreciated.

    I have already added --force-device-scale-factor=n to my Chrome shortcuts as recommended by some other guides. If I do not do that, Chrome launches with absolutely tremendous buttons and panels (but actually STILL has super small print on the tabs and settings area).

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    Re: Mate High DPI - Chrome Scaling Issue

    @Kirk Schnable, I've reduced your enormous images to links. Please be considerate of those with bandwidth restrictions or who are using mobile devices. There's no need to link to images on image hosting sites. Simply use the paperclip icon to upload and attach an image to the forum. That way clickable thumbnails are automatically created by the forum software.
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