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Thread: Ubuntu 19.10/18.04 key-binding bug

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    Ubuntu 19.10/18.04 key-binding bug

    I recently installed Ubuntu 19.10. Worked as expected. I login this morning and begin typing. Several keys seem to have bound to each other. In particular the following happens:

    • When I type the 'i' key the output is 'pi'. The output is the same when I type 'p'.
    • typing k results in ';k' as does typing ';'

    There are numerous other messed up keys but typing this is proving difficult due to the keyboard bug. I'm chuckling to myself because it's so difficult to type.
    I fresh installed with 18.04 and the same problem occurred. This situation has arose only this morning.

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    Re: Ubuntu 19.10/18.04 key-binding bug

    Do you have a secondary keyboard you can test to see if it's a physical keyboard related problem?
    Do you have information to give about what it affects, a laptop or tower desktop?
    Or what brand keyboard?

    I don't see this problem and haven't read anywhere about others running into the issue.
    But it doesn't mean it's not a bug related to a very unique and specific keyboard brand.
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