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Thread: Problems with Ubuntu on Macbook Pro

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    Problems with Ubuntu on Macbook Pro

    I installed the latest version of Ubunut and Macbook Pro 2010. I am having 2 problems

    1) Initially the WIFI Adaptor was not detected. I entered the following in the terminal
    > sudo apt update
    > sudo apt install firmware-b43-installer

    That fixed the issue and I was able to select my wireless network. However, since I restarted the computer it no longer works. The wifi adaptor is found but it cannot detect any wireless network. Any advice?

    2) I created user accounts for my children. If I logout of my account. I can login to my children's account without issue. However if I switch user (without logging out), I can purple screen that just hangs indefinitely. Any Advice?


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    Re: Problems with Ubuntu on Macbook Pro

    Thread moved to Apple Hardware Users a more appropriate sub-forum.

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